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Cinderella Christmas

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Cinderella Christmas - Elda Minger

* 5 stars *


Eve had been in love with her boss for the past year but didn't want him to know. Thinking that if she could get him to kiss her just once she could get him out of her system she dressed up as Miss Naughty, the very sexy elf, for an office Christmas costume party. Her plan was to get him under the mistletoe and get a kiss. Since she was in costume he would never know it was her. Things went a bit farther than Eve expected but she continued to hide her identity from her boss.

I liked the writing style of the author very much and loved the plot and characters. Eve and her boss, Nick, both had past problems preventing them from getting involved with anyone. I loved the way Eve hid her Miss Naughty identity from her boss. It was really funny. I felt so sorry for Nick when he couldn't find Miss Naughty not knowing she was right under his nose.

Overall, I enjoyed this quick Christmas story. It was fun, naughty and romantic all at once.