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Billionaire Romance: The Unforgettable Billionaire Brothers Complete Box Set

— feeling smile
BILLIONAIRE ROMANCE: The Unforgettable Billionaire Brothers: The Complete Collection Boxed Set (Young Adult Rich Alpha Male Billionaire Romance) - Violet Walker

* 4 stars *


The Unforgettable Billionaire Brothers is three short stories about each of the son's of Vance Silver who owns the multi-billion dollar Silver Enterprises but his sons run it. He calls them to his estate for a meeting where he tells them they must marry or lose their share of the company. The three men didn't take this well at all. One actually said there was no way he was doing it .


I liked reading these stories all together and find out what they did about their father's decree. Would they find love and marry or just walk away?


Each story is a nice, quick, very hot tale that are good escapes for a short time. They show that no matter how much money or success a family has, they all have issues. I liked the suspense of a photographer lurking around and we don't know if he is a stalker or something else.