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Billionaire Romance: Fighting With the Bad Boy

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BILLIONAIRE ROMANCE: Fighting With the Bad Boy (Young Adult Rich Alpha Male Billionaire Romance) (A Steamy Alpha Bad Boy Billionaire Romance Book 2) - Violet Walker

* 4 stars *


Fighting With The Bad Boy is the second book in the series and this one's about Trina and Reese.


I really enjoyed this story and liked that we found out who and why the men were fired on in this book. There are still some mysteries but I'm sure we'll get answers in the next book. This definitely wasn't a predictable story but had surprises throughout.

I must say I loved the scene where Reese told Trina he loved her because he was so worried about whether he should have said it and how she would react. It was nice to see such a strong alpha male show a weak side.


Like Book One this is a very steamy romance. It's got a good story line with some suspenseful moments and lots of surprises.


I must admit I'm not a fan of serials but I will definitely be buying the next book.