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Triple X

— feeling stupid
#TripleX - Angelisa Stone, Christine Zolendz

* 2 stars *


This is a humorous story about two middle aged women going through a mid-life crisis. They are writers who met on-line and have known each other for years but never actually met in person. One of them decides they should go to Vegas so off they go on a road trip neither will ever forget. They are both over-weight and having marital problems so between that and their writing they have lots in common.


Food seemed to be the most important thing for these women and they were constantly talking about it and where they would eat next. They had a never ending supply of junk food with them, too. They were sad about so much that I just felt sorry for them.


I personally didn't like that the two main characters had the author's names because I kept wondering if this was a true story about them. It made it hard to enjoy it since I wondered if the painful things that happened to the characters actually happened to the authors.


Either way, I would have enjoyed the story more if the characters had different names so I could be sure I was reading fiction.