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Blazing Love (A Love Under Fire Novel)

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Blazing Love: A Love Under Fire Novel - Chantel Rhondeau

* 4 stars *


This story starts with firefighter, Thayne Bloodgood, trying to get vet assistant, Laura Lyons to date him. After losing her fiancee because of his job as a cop, she won't consider a relationship with anyone who has a dangerous job.


As Thayne is working on a romance with Laura, an arsonist is starting fires around town keeping him really busy with work and keeping Laura tense with worry that he will be killed on the job. What's going to happen to this pair? Will Thayne win Laura over and who is starting the fires?


Thayne is a terrific character and if he looks anything like the cover picture I don't know how Laura can resist him. On top of the good looks he's a good man who is kind and always ready to help people. Laura's fear of involvement with anyone in a dangerous job went a bit too far for my liking and I found it hard to like her because of it. But I really liked the story line. The suspense kept me reading and I was routing for Thayne both as a firefighter and a man trying to get Laura interested in him.