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Second Chance Hearts (Sand Hill #2)

— feeling smile
Second Chance Hearts (Sand Hill Romance Book 2) - Billi Tiner

* 4 stars *


This story starts out in New York City with Rachel Somerfield falling in love with a man who want to marry her and take her away from Whitman’s Home for Orphaned Girls where she lived. She is ecstatic and can hardly wait for the big change this will bring to her life. He turned out to be a skunk and left her - pregnant - though he didn't know that. Unmarried and pregnant was just not done in those times so Rachel didn't know what to do. She accepted a teaching position in the small town of Sand Hill in the west where the residents were very kind and helpful. Especially Sheriff Chance Scott. He's very taken with Rachel and she with him and his son.

Second Chance Hearts is set about two hundred years ago. I didn't figure out exactly when but during a time when a cab wasn't a car but was pulled by horses so a long, long time ago. It was interesting to read about how different things were then and how hard life was but people handled everything in their stride. If women think we have it rough now just look back at how it was then and see that we have it easy.

While the story was a bit slow in starting it was very well written with a smooth, suspenseful plot that I enjoyed. The characters were likable and well developed. Actually I felt so bad for Rachel for most of the story that there were times that it was hard to enjoy.

Ms. Tiner has created a work full of suspense and romance while also keeping me captivated with the thought provoking plot. I highly recommend this novel to historical romance lovers.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.