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Slightly Stalky: A Romantic Comedy Walks into a bar...

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Slightly Stalky: A Romantic Comedy Walks Into a Bar... (Slightly Series Book 1) - Amy Vansant

* 3 stars *


Slightly Stalky was funny and made me laugh so hard I was shaking. Amy Vansant has a way of making an enjoyable story hilarious! This is about Emily who meets Sebastian while playing darts at a local pub. She falls for him immediately and starts to stalk him. Well more like slightly stalks him. There is a difference which you'll find out about when you read this.


The characters are well developed so we really get to know them along with the secondary characters. I did find Emily to be a bit ditsy but very funny. I could easily see why she fell for Sebastian. He's kind, considerate and hot. There's even a "blind" dog who adds to the fun.


I received this book in return for an honest review.