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Billionaire Romance: Hacking With The Bad Boy

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BILLIONAIRE ROMANCE: Hacking With the Bad Boy (Young Adult Rich Alpha Male Billionaire Romance) (A Steamy Alpha Bad Boy Billionaire Romance Book 3) - Violet Walker

* 4 stars *


Hacking With the Bad Boy is the third and final book in this serial and this one's about Max and Blaine. I liked this book a lot. I especially liked the way 2 computer "geeks" worked together to find information to catch the bad guy. I didn't want to stop reading this story because I wanted to know what would happen next. The only things I suspected would happen was that this pair would probably be able to find the evidence they needed and that they would end up with each other.


I really liked the great characters. I loved how smart and capable Blaine was but sad for her unhappy childhood. I was pleasantly surprised that Max wasn't a typical nerd (tall, skinny with thick glasses) but big and strong. Oh and hot too. And I loved the chemistry between Max and Blaine.


I understand this is the last book in the series but I would like to read more by this author.