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Voice of Innocence

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Voice of Innocence - Lindsay Detwiler

* 4 stars *


This was a heartbreaking story but I couldn't stop reading it or thinking about it. It starts with Emma and Corbin meeting in high school. Emma always had her nose in a book and didn't have many friends while Corbin was new in town but more outgoing. They were an unlikely match but clicked and became inseparable. They knew they were meant for each other and planned on spending their lives together. Then the unthinkable happened. Corbin was charged for a murder he didn't commit and sentenced to life in prison.


Emma tried to prove that Corbin was innocent but when he refused to see her or answer her letters she had no choice but to move on without him. While Corbin knew he was being cruel to Emma, he wanted her to have a life, even without him. He knew cutting her out of his life was the only way that would happen.


So Emma finally moves on and marries another man. Many, many years later evidence that had been ignored proves Corbin is innocent so he's released from prison.


I liked that this story is told when Emma is a mature 47 year old woman. Now that Corbin is getting out of prison after 28 years and she's thinking about him a lot, I wonder what they'll they do?


This story is told by going back in time with Emma and Corbin's memories. I usually find that confusing but Lindsay Detwiler did it well so that it's easy to read.


Please note I won Voice of Innocence on the Tome Tender Blog in an author giveaway.