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Rolling in the Deep (Lopez Brothers #1)

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Rolling in the Deep - Rebecca Rogers Maher

* 4 stars *


Please note that I won Rolling in the Deep in an author giveaway on the Harlequin Junkie blog.


I really enjoyed this story of a couple who won the lottery together. They both work at a large superstore and hardly know each other but one of them suggested that they buy a ticket and share the money if they win. And boy did they win - BIG.


Ray recently moved to Poughkeepsie from Queens so he could earn money to go to school to be a chef. Holly is divorced with a son who is her entire world. Holly divorced her husband because he was verbally abusive and hasn't been in a relationship since. When she is attracted to Ray, she ignores it because she is afraid, thanks to her ex.


This book tells us about Ray and Holly's lives before they met and after they win the lottery. We see that winning it doesn't make life as easy as we think and it wouldn't solve all our problems. A lot of them but not all of them.


The plot and characters are fantastic in Rolling in the Deep. The only thing I wasn't comfortable with was the first sex scene. It didn't fit the story because it was more like they had been together for months. I liked the ending but wanted to know more. Isn't that always the way with a good book?


This is a sweet, well-written story that I definitely recommend.