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Little Miss Straight Lace

— feeling confused
Little Miss Straight Lace - Maria Elizabeth Romana

Josie is a researcher who stumbles onto some facts on an abortion drug. The information she's found pulls her and some friends into a threatening situation. A Computer expert, Nic, is called to help with the mystery and he and Josie help each other with personal problems.


This is an enjoyable mystery but you've got to be on your toes to read it. The beginning was a bit confusing and there are lots of twists in the story. Some of the topics in this story aren't for everyone so be ready to read about abortion, rape and divorce.


The characters were believable except for Josie. I wasn't drawn to her and one of the reasons was that she's suppose to be genius smart but doesn't remember to charge her cell phone. This sure wasn't good for business. I wondered how someone who was so smart could be so scatterbrained. Also there were a lot of characters and they were hard to keep track of.


The author says the end "leaves dangling threads" but I consider it a cliffhanger so be prepared.