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Whole Stole My Spandex

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Who Stole My Spandex? - Marcia Kester Doyle

This book is about Marcia Kester Doyle's life and the problems of a middle-aged woman. It's told in short stories like blog posts.


After reading the blurb, I expected a humorous book about being a middle-aged woman. While there are some funny things in this book, it's basically about an older woman's life that is pretty sad. She clearly loves her family and finds her children's antics funny. I just thought I would never have let my children behave the way her's did. I didn't think some of the things they said and did were funny - just rude.


I'm in the same position in life as she is and have raised 4 children as well. While I look back on my life and find it mostly good but some not so much, I don't imagine that the events that mean so much to me would be of interest to anyone else. That's how I felt about some of the situations Marcia wrote about.


After reading the acknowledgements at the end of the book I felt bad that I couldn't give a better review because it was clear that Marcia has loved her life and the people in it.


Please note I received a complementary copy from publisher in exchange for an honest review.