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Stuck In Shangri-La

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Stuck in Shangri-La (The Trouble With Men Series Book 1) - Kasey Michaels

Darcie Reed learned that her last living relative (Uncle Horry) passed away and was told to go for the reading of the will. It was actually a video will. Turns out he left everything to his cat! That is unless Darcie and her ex-fiance stay in the house for 30 days. Then Darcie gets the house and his fortune. If they don't meet the stipulations and something happens to the cat, everything goes to Horry's half brother that Darcie didn't know existed.


You'd think this book would be sad because it starts out with a death but it's not sad at all! The characters are hilarious! You've got a grumpy housekeeper, the brother's girlfriend, Pookie, who looks and acts like a stripper, Darcie and Cam trying to keep their hands off each other and Uncle Horry's ghost who talks to the cat.


Uncle Horry called his house Shangri-La and had toys and gadgets all over the place. The walk leading to the house was lined with flamingos and frogs. The frogs were movement activated and ribbetted when set off.


If you want a cute story with great characters try Stuck in Shangri-La.