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Killer Finale

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Killer Finale (Cozy Mystery) (Chloe Cook Cozy Mystery Book 3) - Kayla Michelle

Please note I received this book in exchange for an honest review.


When the extremely disliked owner of a local comedy club is murdered and Chloe Cook's good friend Holly is the prime suspect, Chloe has to find the real killer to prove her friend's innocence. This isn't the first murder Chloe has investigated so, even though she is a cosmetic saleswoman, she has experience with solving murders. You can imagine the reaction of Detective Thicke when Chloe tells him that his suspect (her friend) is innocent and she's going to prove it. He's not happy about it, especially since Chloe has solved murders before.


I liked the writing in this cozy mystery because it was easy to follow the investigation and the characters are so likeable. Chloe is a wonderful person who will do anything to help her friends. I love Grandma Betty. She's a humorous addition to the cast and so are her friends. When they help with the investigation it's always funny - usually because of their ages. Chloe's boyfriend, Dylan, is terrific! He's very understanding of Chloe's investigation and supportive of her working on it.


If you like cozy mysteries, you should read Killer Finale.