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First Star

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First Star (Book 1) - Ann Simas

First Star starts out kind of funny with the main character, Alex, and her friend, Dani, going to a grocery store to pick up guys. When they found a little girl eating a bag of Oreo's they stopped to help her. After she told them her dad and Meggie were lost, they took her to customer service to have her dad, Kell, paged. Alex and Kell kept meeting up and became attracted to each other. They both have issues with attachments that they struggle with so don't want to commit. Kell doesn't want a relationship because of his ex-wife's desertion and Alex has a stalker that she doesn't want Kell and the girls to get involved with. It's a bit alarming that the stalker knows everything she does.

This is a great suspense with trying to figure out who the stalker is. But, I'll tell you, you'll never guess. Then there's Alex finding out that the sister she thought was dead, isn't. There was so much going on in this story but it never felt over-whelming. The author did a wonderful job of keeping the story flowing and the suspense high.

I loved the characters and how they were developed. I liked that Alex was willing to give up seeing Kell and his girls in order to protect them from her stalker. As for Kell, I did want to shake some sense into him a couple of times because he wouldn't consider getting into a relationship because of the impact it might have on his daughters. I loved Emily and Meggie. They were so cute in both what they said and did.

I won this book in a Just Romantic Suspense giveaway and I'm glad I did. This is a really good romantic suspense that I highly recommend.