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Spoons (River's Sigh B & B #3)

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Spoons (River's Sigh B & B Book 3) - Bishop Ev

When I was given a copy of Spoons in exchange for an honest review I wasn't sure I'd like it and was concerned that I wouldn't be able to give a positive review. I sure was wrong. I LOVED it!


It starts with Noelle asking Cade for a divorce believing he didn't love her any more. What else was she to think when she walked into his office to find him kissing Sherry? Before legal action could be taken they went away for 3 weeks to a family event being held at River's Sigh B & B which was owned by Cade's family. They agreed to act like nothing was wrong while they were there.


After being married for 11 years, it was very hard for Noelle to call it quits especially when she still loved her husband. But Cade wouldn't talk to her about his feelings so she believed he didn't love or like her any more. Cade thought she should just KNOW how he felt without him telling her. Misunderstandings and lack of communication are pretty common in marriages but this was pretty extreme.


This story is so well written you can feel this couple's pain. I kept wanting to fix it for them and wish I could have told them, "Just talk to each other." This is a hard story to read and very emotional but very good. Anyone who has been in a relationship and can understand the problems that come up, would like this book.