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Chasing Charlie (The Texas Two-Step #1)

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Chasing Charlie - Kathy Carmichael

I read this book about a year ago and liked it so much that I read it again.


Oh my goodness! I couldn’t put this one down for a second - both times I read it. After the death of her parents, Charlie was raised by her two older brothers on the family ranch but she left for the city as soon as she was old enough. Her job as a research librarian helped her to stay pretty much invisible. She didn't take chances and wanted a quiet life which her job helped her accomplish. Because of her background on a ranch, her one rule was to NEVER date a cowboy.


Davis became the owner of Murphy Title after his father died eight years ago. Once Davis made a success of the business, he looked forward to doing something he had always dreamed of - becoming a cowboy like his grandfather with his own ranch. Before he could get his ranch, he found out that his mother would not agree to marry her long-time love until Davis was settled with someone. He came up with a plan to get a fake fiance to introduce to his mother so she would believe he had someone in his life and would not be alone if she married the man she loved.


Davis had met Charlie at the library when he went to research ranches but was not interested in her since she was not his usual type. However, once he saw her buying a red dress (very different from her usual style) he had second thoughts about her suitability. He asks Charlie to be his fake fiance for one evening and she agreed. But it turned out to be much more than one date!


I liked the writing style of the author very much. The book is a great read and definitely captures the reader in the story line, but that wouldn't work if she didn't have good characters. The characters in this novel were well put together and developed in a manner that makes them seem real and believable. Even though they were complete opposites, they fit together well.


Overall, this was an intriguing, fun read that I quite enjoyed.