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Never Surrender

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Never Surrender - Lindsay McKenna

After reading the blurb for Never Surrender I was really looking forward to reading it since I like romances with military heroes/heroines. This continues Gabe and Bay's story from Breaking Point and starts with them having to part while Bay (an 18 Delta medic) goes back to her last deployment in Afghanistan. Gabe is a SEAL chief but staying in the U.S. They are going to be married when she returns.


It was clear the author definitely researched and knew the military since it was very detailed in that regard. While the storyline was interesting the first quarter was mainly about how much Gabe and Bay love each other. It was annoying and made me lose interest in the story.


Unfortunately, I imagined what the story would be about and it was pretty close to what I expected, but all the talk about how much they loved each other ruined it for me. However, since most reviews were 4 and 5 star ratings my view of this book is not like them and others obviously liked it.


Please note I won this book in a giveaway.