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Left Holding His Baby

— feeling doubt
Left Holding His Baby: A Billionaire Romance Serial, Book 1 (The Greek Tycoon) - Kay Brody

In this first book in The Greek Tycoon serial where we meet the Greek tycoon, Atreus Kostas, his wife is leaving him and their baby, taking off with his best friend and business partner, Nikolas. His sister and mother hire a British nanny, Carla, who works out beautifully. Baby Dios takes to her immediately and Atreus and Carla start to have feelings for each other - but hide them.


I didn't know this was the first book in a serial so you can imagine my surprise when it ended very abruptly with many questions unanswered. I think I'm a bit slow because I just thought the ending was rushed and not very good until I went to post my review and saw there are 7 books in this series/serial!


I'm not a fan of serials so even though I'm curious about what happens, I won't be buying any more in this set.