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The Daddy Pact (The Coach's Boys #1)

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The Daddy Pact (The Coach's Boys) (Volume 1) - Kristy K. James

Bruce needs money for drugs so he robs and kills Frank who has just returned from his honeymoon. Bruce's brother, Dan, feels responsible so he goes to the widow, Jess, offering her help in any way she needs - meaning financially. He feels worse when he learns she's pregnant and her miserable father-in-law is threatening to take the baby. He offers to marry her and adopt the baby to stop the father-in-law's threats. This marriage is for convenience and to protect Jess and the baby so when Dan falls in love with her he keeps quiet about it but continues to treat her well and hopes she'll fall in love with him too.


I really enjoyed this emotional story. There were lots of sad scenes but some funny ones too. It was well written (with editing issues) so even though it wasn't true to life it was a great escape. I mean would anybody actually agree to marry the brother of the man who killed your husband? Amazingly it works for them and you'll want it to turn out for this pair.


If you're looking for a romance that's out of the ordinary then this is for you.