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The Changing Season

— feeling smile
The Changing Season - Steven Manchester

Billy expected the summer before going to college to be the best of his life. But he was wrong.


He planned on spending it with his best friend (his dog) Jimmy. He was also going to hang out with his buddies, Mark and Charlie. Billy still didn't know what to major in when he went to college and really wasn't ready to grow up. But life happens and he grew up pretty fast that summer. There was a horrible accident that one of his buddies was involved in, he found a new job and fell in love.


As adults we realize that life rarely goes according to our plans but teenagers don't understand that. This story showed just how hard it was for Billy to grow up and face life as an adult. It takes us from Billy being a boy who played video games night and day, having no direction, to a young man going off to college not knowing what he wanted to do with his life. I definitely felt sorry for Billy because went through so many difficult situations that summer.


As with all of this author's work it was very well written so that I could picture the events clearly. I not only smiled while reading this book but I cried too. I love the way he talked to his dog, Jimmy, about everything. Since Jimmy was his best friend, who else would he talk to?


I want to thank the author for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review.