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Valor On The Move

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Valor on the Move - Keira Andrews

I don't often see a book set in the White House so this one caught my interest. This is about Rafael (Rafa) the President's youngest son and Shane, one of the secret service agents on his protection detail. Rafa is gay but planned to stay in the closet until his father's term ended in 8 months. The wait didn't seem hard to him because he'd always kept in the shadows trying to be invisible. Having his friend Ashleigh play his pretend girlfriend helped his deception too. It worked for her too since she's a lesbian. Shane was also gay and the pair where very attracted to each other. Rafa wanted to go for it but Shane had reservations. He was concerned about the 18 year age difference and he couldn't have a relationship with a protectee or he'd lose his job.


I was happy to see that this was so well researched. Everything about the White House, the President and Secret Service felt accurate and believable. This story has a pretty suspenseful situation that made it exciting but also pulled the relationship together even more. There are lots of hot sex scenes but I didn't think they worked in the story because they were so explicit.


I really enjoyed this book and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. Please note I won it in an author's giveaway hosted by Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews.