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Second Chance Summer

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Second Chance Summer - Jill Shalvis

Lilly Danville had to get away from Cedar Ridge after the death of her sister then, very quickly, her father. When she left she also left behind Aidan Kincaid. She moved to San Diego where she was a successful beautician. After 10 years there she lost her job and was black listed in that area. An old friend gave her a job but it was back in Cedar Ridge. Not only that but at the resort Aidan's family owns. Aidan is now a firefighter and volunteers for Search and Rescue. He is stunned to learn Lilly is back especially since he still has feeling for her. But she doesn't plan on staying so he can't risk his heart.


I loved the characters in this book. Being about Lilly and Aiden they were the most developed characters. I couldn't help but feel sorry for Lilly and all she went through both in Cedar Ridge and San Diego. Aiden always wanted to help others which is why his jobs were perfect for him. He was a gorgeous, sexy man which drew me to him even more. His siblings and mother helped move the story along by always meddling in each other's business. What a great family! But the writing in general was terrific. I easily followed the plot and pictured the town. It left me wanting to visit the lodge and hike the trails. I really liked that there were several laugh out loud spots in the story.


This was a captivating, enjoyable novel that was a joy to read. It is definitely one that should make its way into the libraries of all romance lovers.