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Let It Snow

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Let It Snow - Melanie Shawn

Jake Maguire and Tessa Hayes were in love when they were 17 and planned to spend their lives together and raise a family. But after Tessa had a miscarriage and learned she couldn't have more children, she left the small town and Jake without telling him. She though it was the best thing she could do for him so he could find someone else to have a family with. She went to live with her grandmother and became a well known photojournalist. When her grandmother developed dementia she had to quit her job in order to look after her.


Jake had a hard time dealing with Tessa leaving him but tried to forget her with a lot of women. It didn't work. When Tessa came back to settle her grandmother's affairs after being away for 13 years, Jack tried to ignore her but they kept being thrown together.


I liked Jake a lot. He was a very strong man who was dealt a bad hand he didn't deserve. I felt so sorry for him because he had no idea why Tessa left him but he still loved her when she came back. I liked that he had a good supportive family. I didn't like Tessa much though. She did what she thought was best for Jake by leaving him but I kept thinking she should talk to him about it.


While this story didn't have a lot of action scenes, it was a nice second-chance romance with a good ending.