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Your Captivating Love

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Your Captivating Love - Layla Hagen

Pipa decided Logan needed a wife so Ava suggested her sister, Nadine, would be perfect for him. The trouble was Logan didn't want a serious relationship and Nadine was on a break from men. Neither of them were prepared for the attraction they felt when they met.


I love this series and that the Bennett family were always there for each other. The characters are so well done that I feel like I know them and want to be a friend of the family - or married to one of the guys. I liked the plot and Layla's writing style. It's easy to follow the story and enjoy it. Personally I got tired of them having sex all the time and all the details of what they did. It was always the same. Nadine thought about sex too much for my liking, too.


I recommend this book to romance lovers, especially if you like a steamy read.


Please note that I received this book in exchange for an honest review.