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Depression: Natural Ways to Relieve Depression Fast

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Depression: Natural Ways to Relieve Depression Fast - Sara Scott
This was a very good book on how to identify and relieve depression. It starts by telling how to define depression. I had no idea there were different types or levels of this disease. The causes, types, signs, and symptoms are described in easy to understand language. Then we find out how you can deal with and decrease, if not remove, depression completely. This is done with coping skills and various natural remedies.

Most people deny they are depressed and just think they are fine. But that doesn't help them at all. They have to acknowledge they are depressed or it will take over their lives.

This short book is very enlightening. I think the short length is good for this topic. I doubt that anyone suffering from acute depression would want to read a lengthy book on how to relieve it.

Please note that I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.