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Third Time's the Charm

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Third Time's the Charm: An Inspirational Western Romance (Three Rivers Ranch Romance Book 2) - Liz Isaacson, Elana Johnson

Chelsea went back to her family's ranch, Three Rivers Ranch, after her fiance killed himself. He suffered from depression and she thought the could fix him but she couldn't. He had been verbally abusive to her as well so she thought the ranch would be a safe place for her to heal.


When she got there she saw signs for Courage Reins. Her brother had let a military buddy, Pete, open a therapeutic riding program where he used horses to help veterans, or anyone else, overcome their traumas whether physical or mental.


Pete could see that Chelsea could benefit from the horses but she refused to believe that she was "broken" and wouldn't accept help. She did help train the horses, get funding and set up a website for the business though.


I enjoyed this book and even though it dealt with many difficult topics such as PTSD, the author handled them well and had me thinking more about the positive parts like how the horses helped people rather than the negatives of war and it's side affects.


The characters were well developed and likable. While I liked Chelsea and Pete with their determination to make Courage Reins successful, I felt sorry for them at the same time because of the pasts they suffered through.


I don't hesitate to recommend this wonderful inspirational romance.