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Royal Date

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Royal Date - Sariah S. Wilson

Kat had a very rough and poor childhood so she planned out her life completely and stuck to her carefully laid out path, never allowing herself to be distracted. She has one more semester to go to graduate with her degree in social work and her plans won't allow anything to get in her way. At Christmas vacation her very wealthy best friend, Lemon, talked her into going on a skiing vacation to Monterra.


She met an attractive man, Nico, but tells him she's not interested, even though she finds him very attractive. The first time Kat went skiing she started out on the easy slope but accidentally got on a difficult hill, going very fast and out of control. The man she rebuffed saved her. Nico turns out to be Prince Nicolas of Monterra and he takes her and Lemon to his palace to recuperate.


I just loved this book and will definitely be reading it again. There are lots of Prince and the Pauper type stories but this one was done so well that I got totally engrossed in it. I liked the characters especially Nico. He wasn't just a prince but handsome and thoughtful too. I felt sorry for Kat's troubles earlier in her life but because of that she didn't know how to behave around royalty and that made it funnier. I liked the romance between Nico and Kat and how they each wanted to be with the other all the time because each of them felt better when the other was with them. Nico's little sisters were cute and added a lot to the story.