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Miscalculated Risks

— feeling misdoubt
Miscalculated Risks (Law School Heretic Book 1) - Maria Riegger

This story is about Isabel who is in her third year of her law degree. She knows many languages and has a full-time job as a translator so is doing her courses part-time in evening classes. Isabel is very intelligent and has a knack for remembering law cases. At school, she meets Tarek who is also very intelligent and knows the law well. He's also handsome so that and his law knowledge makes Isabel attracted to him.


The first half of this story consisted of legal cases and precedents which I didn't find to be an interesting story. Clearly the author knew a lot about the law which we saw from all the arguments and case facts presented.


Isabel was not likable in the least. She thought she was better and smarter than everybody else and didn't socialize much. She actually went out of her way to make sure nobody liked her so they wouldn't talk to her. Tarek was interesting and very smart but I didn't see how he was attracted to her since she was so mean to everybody.


While this story wasn't for me, if you are interested in U.S. law cases and politics, you will like this book.


Please note, I won this book in a giveaway.