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The CEO's Unexpected Child

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The CEO's Unexpected Child (Billionaires and Babies) - Andrea Laurence

This unusual story tells about a mix-up at a fertility clinic where Claire wasn't impregnated by her husband's sperm but by a complete stranger's. Claire's husband died when she's 5 months pregnant, not knowing that the baby isn't his. Once Luca finds out that he has a child he wants to be involved in her life. Claire knows he is a wealthy CEO and is worried that he would get his lawyers involved and she might lose her daughter.


Luca had cancer as a young teen so his mother suggested he donate sperm so it could be used when he got married since the treatments he was about to go through would leave him sterile. He actually thought he would never marry or have children so when he learned he had a daughter he'll stop at nothing to be part of her life.


The characters in this story were well developed and very likable. Claire was a strong, protective mother (understandably) who cared deeply for her child. Luca was used to getting his own way in business but not so much in his personal life. He came from a large Italian family who didn't think about him as a CEO - just part of the family. Everybody stuck their nose into everybody else's business so he couldn't say anything to them about his daughter until he had everything straightened out. Turned out because of his big family he was very comfortable with babies and small children. Claire was surprised with this, expecting him to hire a nanny and not have much actual contact with the baby.


Andrea's polished writing really shines through in this unique tale. She took a difficult subject and made a wonderful story out of it without confusing the reader along the way.


I really liked this book and glad I won it from Andrea Laurence in a giveaway hosted by HarlequinJunkie.