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SEALs of Honor: Mason

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SEALs of Honor: Mason (Volume 1) - Dale Mayer

In this story we met Tesla who had developed software that would help protect our troops. Her brother, Harry, was a SEAL who died as a result of an EID and she didn't want others to suffer the same fate. Unfortunately the bad guys wanted this software so they were trying to steal it, kidnapping Tesla to get it.


Mason and his team of SEALs were sent to rescue her not knowing who she was or that she's Harry's sister. He had heard about her many times and was half in love with her even though they'd never met.


I really liked this great fast paced story. It's got everything I like in a book - SEALs, action, romance and suspense. We see a lot of action when the bad guys just won't give up their pursuit of Tesla and keep kidnapping her. That may have gone over the top a bit with the number of times she was abducted. I liked the constant questions of will she make it to the presentation of her software? Who is after her? Will Mason tell her how he feels?


The characters were well developed and likable. Tesla is a strong, intelligent woman who does go missing a lot but there really wasn't anything she could do about that. Mason's a SEAL so what can I say about him? He's able to do just about anything (like a SEAL is suppose to) so he, and his team, save Tesla time and time again. He's also a big, handsome man so that helps us like him even more.


I'm so glad to have received this book in exchange for an honest review and want to read the rest of the series.