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Whistlin' DIxie

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Whistlin' Dixie - Maggie  Adams, Jennifer Jakes, Lucy Wellen

Mac Coalson wanted to help the people in his hometown who lost their homes in a flood so he rebuilds them with his construction company. But when vandals ruin many of the houses he wants to catch the culprits. When he sees some teens trespassing on one of his sites he's sure they are the ones vandalizing the houses and wants to press charges. Dixie Harris is called to the police station because her brother is one of the trespassers. She is a tiny woman with a big mouth who doesn't hesitate to tell Mac what she thinks of him.


When Mac and Dixie work together to find out who's vandalizing the houses, sparks fly between them.


I loved Dixie and her never-back-down attitude. People were constantly surprised to hear what came out of the mouth of such a small woman. I couldn't help but like Mac. He did want a relationship and tried so hard to keep his distance from Dixie but he failed.


This was an enjoyable humorous, romantic suspense with great characters.


Unfortunately, it had lots of typing errors and generally the editing was not good. I even had trouble thinking of the word that was suppose to be there sometimes. I did love the cover and wanted to pick it up right away.