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Shizzle, Inc.

— feeling misdoubt
Shizzle, Inc (Isa Maxwell escapades Book 1) - Ana Spoke

Isa has just graduated from community college and expects to be discovered. The problem is she doesn't have any talents to discover. That issue aside, she gets a job at Shizzle, Inc. by winning a contest that gets her a job as the personal assistant of Mr. Hue, the eccentric billionaire owner of the company. Since so many of his clients were celebrities, Isa thought that would be the perfect place to be discovered.


When Isa graduated she was broke and her boyfriend dumped her because he expected to be drafted to the NFL and he wanted someone flashier than Isa on his arm. Isa thought that not only would she be discovered at Shizzle, Inc. but the job would help her pay her bills and show Brad what he's missing and want to come back to her.


I was looking forward to reading this book because many of the reviews called it "laugh out loud funny". It had some humorous spots but I didn't find it overly funny. The characters and their antics were not realistic but entertaining none the less.