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The Witches of Enchanted Bay (Witches of Enchanted Bay Cozy Mystery Book 1)

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The Witches Of Enchanted Bay (Witches Of Enchanted Bay Cozy Mystery Book 1) - Amelia Morgan

Meg's best friend is a possible suspect of the murder of her boyfriend but Meg knows she didn't do it and investigates to prove her innocence. Since she owns a donut shop, she isn't an experienced investigator but she wants to help her friend anyway. Meg comes from a family of witches so she knows she can use magic to find answers but nobody knows they are witches and she has to keep it a secret which is tricky especially since her boyfriend, Connor, is a cop.


I enjoyed this cozy mystery with it's well developed characters. Meg is a good friend that is willing to put herself at risk of being found out in order to help her friend. Connor is a good detective and boyfriend. He clearly thinks a lot of Meg and her donuts. Can't forget the cat. Yes, the cat. It's actually Meg's grandmother who's soul was transferred into a cat just before she died.


This is a fun story, even with the murder involved. I liked the writing that made this a quick but easy to follow read. The addition of Meg using her magic while investigating the murder was a nice twist. Doing this without Connor knowing she was investigating or using magic was comical.


Please note I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.