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Spurs & Stillettos

— feeling smile
Spurs & Stilettos - Ashley  Johnson

This story is about Hope who lost her sister in an accident two years earlier. She just can't get over the loss. Her fiance, Brad, doesn't help with his attitude of "Just get over it" and his constant criticism of her. When she finds him in bed with another woman she throws the engagement ring down the toilet (priceless moment). Hope's best friend, Amber, drags her to a rodeo where she meets Wesley - a bareback bronc rider. He's taken with Hope right away and won't let her turn her back on him.


I enjoyed this well written story. I love stories with cowboy heroes. Add in a baby and it couldn't be better! I really liked Wesley. He was so kind and caring but almost too understanding. Hope was strong enough to get through the terrible things that happened in her life but I didn't like the way she wouldn't talk to Wesley about her concerns and always imagined the worst. I didn't like that she kept running away when there was something she didn't want to deal with. By the last quarter of the book I was pretty annoyed at her. I really liked Amber and thought she was the greatest best friend. I'd like to read her story.


I'm giving this 3.5 stars mainly because Hope irritated me.