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Harley (West Coast Rock Star Series Book 1) - Michelle Jo Quinn

Cade needed to find out who her father really was so she moved from New Jersey to Vancouver to find the man she believed to be her father. That man was Mac who owned Mackinley Security. He treated Cade very badly but gave her a job anyway. He finally gave her an assignment to be the bodyguard of a rock star's daughter. She was so happy to get the high profile assignment that she didn't let the idea that she was more like a babysitter than bodyguard bother her.

Cade was a bodyguard to Harley - a very, very mature 8 year old of the famous rock star, Jax Clark. Jax had just gotten full custody of his daughter and didn't know how to raise a child but he wanted to learn. Harley was glad to be away from her mother since she treated her more like a personal assistant than a daughter and was a terrible person who was constantly going off the deep end when things didn't go her way.

Even though Cade had no experience with children she got along with Harley great and they formed a strong bond. She understood Harley better than her father did so she was soon able to bring her out of her shell so she acted like herself - an 8 year old girl.

I loved the characters, especially Harley. It was nice to see her get to be a child and have a friend to confide in. Jax was happy with his rock star life with the fame and women but he was ready to be a father to his daughter an settle down. He was a kind and thoughtful man. Even though Cade was going through her own problems she put them aside to be there for Harley and be her bodyguard.

I smiled and cried while reading Harley but I also laughed. This is a wonderful story that's well written and fast paced. It wasn't what I expected from a rock star romance at all but I really enjoyed it. I also liked the way Jax and Cade's relationship built up.

I liked Harley and glad I won it in a giveaway. You should read this book. You won't be disappointed.