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Rocky Mountain Rogue

— feeling what?!?
Rocky Mountain Rogue (Rocky Mountain Bride Series Book 5) - Lee Savino, Blushing Books

Susannah is crossing the country to marry Jesse when her stagecoach is robbed. During the robbery she misbehaves so Jesse gives her a bare bottom spanking. When Susannah meets Jesse she recognizes him as the robber. They get to know each other, marry and have quite an unusual relationship.


Susannah had been raised to be a proper lady and expects that Jesse is looking for that in his wife but she finally sees that the frontier is no place for a high born lady. She realizes that Jesse is not the gentleman she thought he was from his letters but an outlaw. As she gets to know him better, Susannah sees that Jesse will do anything for those he loves. He protects his brother and sister-in-law from a brothel owner, Doyle, who is after Jesse's sister-in-law, Rose and thinks he owns her. Jesse works on a plan to get Doyle to leave Rose alone. One part of that plan was robbing the stagecoach that Susannah was on.


I liked the plot but didn't like their sex life. There was a warning about spanking at the beginning of the synopsis so I was prepared for that. I thought it meant spanking once as a disciplinary measure not spanking in a sexual way. I didn't like the rough sex and pain/pleasure sex scenes. This was more BDSM which I don't read so this book was not for me. During the erotic sex scenes I didn't feel anything sexual - just a man beating a woman - and she took it and said she liked it. I don't think so.