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SEAL's Honor

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SEAL's Honor (Take No Prisoners) (Volume 1) - Elle James

Reed Tucker and his SEAL team are stationed in Afghanistan and work with helicopter pilot Delaney O'Connell. Tucker and Delaney work well together and get to know each other quite well. Tuck doesn't have relationships because of his career and parents (who have been married several times). After Delaney lost her fiance she sworn to never again get involved with anyone in the military. Since neither wanted a relationship, a one-night-stand worked for both of them. Until they started to have feelings for each other.


Things got complicated when Tucker's best friend, Reaper, decided Delaney was perfect for him and asked her to marry him. She said no but he kept asking until she finally agreed.


This was a good story with exciting missions the SEAL's went on. There was a lot of conflicting emotions between the three main characters that kept me wishing Tucker and Delaney would just speak up. Reaper didn't know that Tucker and Delaney had been together because didn't know how to tell him.


This story starts with Tucker going into the church to attend Reaper and Delaney's wedding so I was frustrated while reading it feeling like I knew the ending at the beginning. So that I don't give anything away I'll just say there were lots of twists to this story.